Ann E O

Annie Oakley

FH1020 LSR Ann E. Oakley
ARI #: 30409569
Sire: Tdr Phillippus (173)
Dam: Goldie (178)

Anne E. Oakley is another of our favorite girls. Her history gave us the chance to learn her unique behaviors that makes Anne E special with her curious and stubbornness that is fun to watch . Having both Hemingway and a number of Acero Marka decedents in her lineage we expected her to be able to produce fine fleeced cria for us – and she did just that. Her light fawn coloring is pretty but her lineage includes a number of colored decedents she could possibly produce amazing color as well. Just imagine a dark colored alpaca with the same fineness of Hemingway or any of the Acero Marka alpacas. Anne E produced a beautiful cria when bred to Accoyo America Romeo,  but we’re sure she would infuse qualities that would make any of the males in the “Golden Sires of Desire”™ program stand out.

Selling price: $2100 with breeding

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Hemlock Brooks’ Lucio’s Noelle
ARI #:
Ngg Esther’s Lucio
White Out’s Orabella



She’s Smokin Hot D1181 AOA
ARI #: 
8577’S Legacy De Bolivia 0684
Clarines 8992 Impz98

Smokey lives up to her name – not only in color but her Smokin’ Hot attitude. Smokey has a solid structure and great conformation with white face beautiful markings and the socks on her feet. Her striking silver grey color and pleasant demeanor make her a joy to be around. Smokey has been a stellar mom to her cria. You see this gorgeous girl from far away – striking looks and personality to match.



A Magic Caty
ARI #: 
Wind Danseur
Peruvian Caress 4948

Caty shows her magic in every way – personality, fleece and heritage. This Full Peruvian girl has the right attitude to make your life easy. Easy to care for, easy to handle and of course easy to love. Lookin’ at Caty you see her laid back personality and figure… ok, nice girl until you open her fleece and see why she can be so humble.



Simply Special D1099 AOA
ARI #: 
Arragorn M0359 AOA
Talabre 9368 Impac98



Smith-Haven Allure
ARI #: 
Sire: My Peruvian Durango
Dam: Lady Andrea

Allure is her name and that is her draw. Her undeniable presence, that super white,  super dense, bright fleece makes you stop and stare. At shearing, Allure’s huge blanket falls off in a mass of dense, bright, well defined high frequency crimp fleece. She doesn’t come as a surprise after you realize that Accoyo Durango, Accoyo Peruvian Mr. President, and Guellermo all played their role in what she offers.



Lady Ramona
ARI #: 1078527
Sire: Roman Candle Of Bolivia M0210 AOA
Dam: La Crema De Bolivia F0220

Maggie Mae


My Peruvian Maggie Mae
ARI #: 
Sire: Peruvian Mr. President 6006
Dam: Marisa Of Peru D247 AOA

It’s not that often that you find a direct daughter of Accoyo Mr. President and Hemingway as her grandsire on the bottom side up for sale.  Something else you should consider  when you purchase Maggie; she is not related to any of the males in our breeding program “Golden Sires of Desire”TM, which means you can breed her to any male you like that is standing stud here year after year after year.  Mr. President, Hemingway and your choice of Majestado, Guellermo, or Vengador will be the genetics of the crias that Maggie produces for you. Some choices are just made easy.