Talizman ♂


Prince Charming

DOB: February 19, 2016

Male / Suri

Talizman touts a lustrous golden sheen to his locks that move with him as he runs. He  has strength without being forceful – has a watchful character and like a talisman, acts as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune. He's like one of the lucky charms that you know will protect you and make you feel at peace.

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Visiting guidelines: Times and locations are scheduled and coordinated with the owner and are for the pleasure of the adopting recipient. Up to three (3) additional guests can join the visit. The alpaca will be as accessible as possible for your visit – this varies with the alpaca of choice. Pasture visits may be possible but cannot always be accommodated. We request 72 hrs. notification for a scheduled visit.

Questions you might have:

What happens when I visit? We try to make the alpaca as accessible as possible for you to enjoy. We’ll want you to be able to have an opportunity to take pictures, possibly lead the alpaca and enjoy watching the herd. An employee or the owner will accompany you at the time of your visit.

Does adoption mean that I own the alpaca? Choosing an alpaca might be a great way to decide if you would like to own one in the future. The adoption fees help to provide the supplements and hay as well as medical care if needed.

Can I take them off the ranch to show my friends or family? Alpaca are herd animals and do not like to be alone. Handling them requires an understanding of behaviors, so we have someone with you while you can enjoy them on the ranch.

How long is a visit? We want you to have an opportunity to enjoy the alpaca, but generally, they like to be with their ‘friends’ after 30-60 minutes.

What if something happens to my alpaca during the year? We hope that won’t be the situation, but if something happens, you can select another alpaca to adopt. If your alpaca is selected for purchase, you will be notified.

Am I allowed to bring friends to meet the alpaca? We love to share the experience. Our visiting guidelines suggest up to three (3) friends or family can visit but we will work to accommodate if possible. If you would like group visits, your group can register online and the adoption recipients tour fee will be waived.

Adoption Tiers

Gotta Love 'em ($35), Gotta Know This Cutie ($65), Gotta Touch 'em ($125), I Want One ($225)