Alpaca Mentorship

 “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

― Plutarch

alpaca mentorship

Alpaca Mentorship

When starting our alpaca business, our definition of success included “helping others be successful”, and that encompasses nurturing. It was natural because our basic life principles gravitate toward helping others overcome obstacles by sharing knowledge. We have always valued relationship building because we understand that becoming an alpaca owner isn’t just being able to write the check and take your alpaca home. Your accomplishment will be achieved when the goals of your business plan unfold in a positive way. At Golden Spirit we seriously value teaching or mentoring when you purchase your alpaca – from us or others.  The choice about how you learn is yours and we recognize that each person has different needs and wants. We want you to leave our Ranch with an understanding of ‘how to” so we will ensure that you learn care and handling skills. If a mentoring relationship suits your style, we appreciate the commitment to offer guidance and support because we are gratified when we can help others both learn and succeed.

Our view of mentoring is to:

  1. Involve you in the experiences so that you can learn more than “how to” but also how to think about “what if” to develop your problem solving skills.;
  2. Listen to “hear” your needs – not tell you only what we think that you need.;
  3. Remain open minded, patient, and available.;
  4. Continue to expand our network and learning to stay on the forefront of change and experiences in the business.


When we see that your fire is kindled by alpaca ownership, including the ability to make responsible decisions with the information you have acquired, we are excited. Let us help you achieve your goals and have fun experiences in your alpaca ventures!

AlpacaStreet Alpaca Mentor Program

Interested in Alpaca Mentorship?

Send us a message! Let us know how you feel alpaca business mentorship could benefit you. You could be thinking about getting into the business or looking to expand your current business - and you need guidance. We are looking forward to hearing from you!