About Brenda Crum

Brenda Crum - Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch

The core values of Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch are honesty, integrity and forging productive and ethical relationships across the industry, and all this begins with Brenda Crum, owner and manager. She strives to identify and implement best practices at Golden Spirit in Tampa, Florida, and share her knowledge with others. To say that Brenda runs a top notch ranch is an understatement. Her background and life experiences contribute profoundly to her successes as a rancher.


Born and raised in Iowa, Brenda Crum is the daughter of true, hardworking farmer who raised corn, soy bean, cattle and hogs. These experiences established a firm foundation in agriculture and livestock. From the rural farm life of her childhood, Brenda moved away to pursue a degree and career in nursing. She spent thirty years as a perioperative nurse, assisting surgeons in the operating room. She served as editor of a nursing journal and consulted with the commercial sector to develop safety products and related training for the global market. Her journey brought her from Iowa to Houston and then in 1994 to Florida.


Brenda Crum has always had a strong drive to learn and keep learning, and with her background as a foundation, she’s a very quick study. “From the very beginning of working in the alpaca industry, I embarked on a journey of learning. My husband Frank and I started with just a few animals and consulted with business leaders and veterinarians, researched feed and nutrition, and just got our hands in it. We continuously attend shows, get involved in industry associations and soak in tons of information.  These things have helped me so much and I spend a lot of time now sharing what I’ve learned with other alpaca ranchers and enthusiasts,” shares Brenda.

Understanding each animal’s unique personality is the primary framework of ranching at Golden Spirit. Brenda believes each alpaca has special nuances that provide cues to proper handling and care. And this intimate knowledge of the animals benefits everyone when it comes to which alpaca may be the best fit to join your farm or herd.