Q: How and when do we feed alpaca?

A: “The feeding frenzy is always fun to watch! It doesn’t matter if it is hay or grain – they act like they have just been offered something comparable to gold. Alpaca are herd animals and like to be together, but they quickly establish their territory when it’s feeding time. They also learn how they can get what they want, no matter what methods are used for feeding.  At Golden Spirit we keep hay feeders filled to provide hay on a continual basis. If the hay is yummy, it disappears quickly. We always make sure there is enough feeders (hay and grain) and space around the feeders to accommodate the number of alpaca in a shelter without crowding.  If there isn’t space, the alpaca that are less dominant might be pushed away or learn to stay away from the feeders for fear of others chasing them off or being caught in the spit fight.”