Golden Spirit Tours featured on Bay News 9’s “On the Town” segment

Brenda Crum is being called the alpaca whisperer. She looks over more than 200 alpacas at the Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch in Odessa.

“Most people do say, ‘What is an alpaca?’” Crum said. “It’s a common question. They are from the camel family.” The animals are also related to llamas. “They are a docile, gentle animal,” Crum said. “Their spirit is so sweet.” The ranch offers tours where you can get up close and personal with alpaca. “It has the name of a tour, but it’s really an experience, because you learn about the alpaca,” Crum said. “You get to touch them, learn about their personalities and have a little close-up photo-op, which is real fun for people.”



EveryWear Alpaca Store Hours

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Fun Tours!

Book a one of a kind tour . . . to see a one of a kind animal!

Tours are the fun way to learn about and see alpaca.

  • Buy your tickets now for a fun tour of Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch. During the tour, you will:
  • See our alpaca in action where they live, eat and sleep
  • Learn about the care and handling of these beautiful, curious animals
  • Watch their unique behaviors in action
  • Shop at our store EveryWear Alpaca store (tour guests get a discount!)


Ticket price is only $28.50 per person and we ask that at least one adult be registered for every 7 children in a group. We now offer group rates for groups of 10 or more – please call for rates (727-809-2253). We have also limited the tour size to a total of 16 people, so if you have a larger group, please contact us via email to see if scheduling a tour is possible. Tickets can be purchased through the link below.

Purchase tickets here

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