Matrix Braveheart of RAC
ARI #: 
Sire: Matrix

Braveheart’s name says it all. He’s stately with a heart of gold that seems impossible for such a macho. His heart goes out to his BFFs as they stay nose to nose in their pasture, protecting and playing with vim and vigor in alpacaworld.



Golden To Touch
ARI #: 
Sire: Brilliance Of Peru S855 AOA
Dam: Cashmere N Gold D1323 Aoa

Golden To Touch (aka Casmie) has a feeling that would ‘melt in your mouth’ if you could eat it. You’ll lose your fingers in her fine, fine fleece that is buttery soft to the touch. The Cashmere N Gold (aka Goldie) and Brilliance of Peru combination makes this girl hard to beat. You can’t expect anything different than qualities of excellence. Casmie has a solid frame, fine, fine fleece style and qualities from her dam that should make her the producer you want.


DSC01339Golden Cloud in the Sky
ARI #: 
Sire: Quencha’s Verticase
Dam: Golden Touched with Sensation

Cloud – puffy, beautiful to watch, gives you a calm feeling. That’s our Golden Cloud in the Sky. And there’s more because his gentle personality matches his name – drifts along with the crowd without cause to question his spirit. We feel like he’s drifted in our pastures like the clouds in the sky.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga 8Lady Gaga of RACG
ARI #: 
Sire: Manitou
Dam: Moonlight Ayre

Lady Gaga came by her name from the day she was born. She has the heart of an actress with a personality that says ‘I want you to see me.” She stands out with her unique colors and actions to charm you with her looks and cuteness galore. Like no other, Lady Gaga has the personality of her namesake with her fearless passion that makes you feel like she could thrill you with her latest hit!



AOA Maudie Waters D1435
ARI #: 
Sire: Roman Candle Of Bolivia M0210 Aoa
Dam: Aoa Prairie Sun F0620

Maudie Waters is the girl to watch – she might be in your face or standing to watch and check you out. When she gets up close and personal Maudie looks at you with sultry eyes that talk to you – giving hints of how much she loves to be cuddled. Maudie’s fawn fiber has a lucious feel when you run your fingers through her coat – you’ll love having Maudie up close and personal with her nose to your cheek.



Joy’s Dream Early Summer Faith
ARI #: 
Sire: Golden Paladin
Dam: Joy’s Dream Autumn Hope

Faith is Indescribably unforgettable. You can have faith that she will be right next to you wanting to hang out in her calm and quiet way as you work your fingers through her fiber. She can’t help herself ! Her daddy (Golden Paladin) is one of the Ranch favorites and he seemed to pass that easy personality to his little girl – along with her beautiful markings that outline her face and her deep brown color she is unique in every way.


Golden Dream Girl

Golden Dream Girl
ARI #: 
Sire: Brilliance Of Peru S855 AOA
Dam: AOA Shez So Iresistable D1420

Bitsie has grown from her “little bit” to a young lady who shows off her beauty. She has beautiful fiber with length and fineness as you would expect coming from her sire (Brilliance of Peru) and dam (Shez So Irresistable, aka Sis). She’s a little spitfire with her compact frame and coverage that helps her move the crowd to get what she wants.









Golden Charu of Zulu
ARI #: 32533767
Sire:  MacGyver’s Peruvian Zulu
Dam: Golden Charm

Charu is our Charm and Zulu offspring. We’re excited that Golden Charm produced a male because if he has his sire’s qualities he will be stellar ! He’ll be in the 2016 ring to prove he has what it takes. His sire, MacGyver’s Peruvian Zulu, has dense, independent locks that cover a perfect conformation and he carried away 5 Championship and 1 Reserve Championship ribbons. We see it in his offspring and you will too !



Golden Verbena
ARI #: 
Sire: Accoyo America Shanghai
Dam: Spa Alpacas Allure

Verbena (aka Vera) got it all ! We love when the offspring is the best of a sire and dam and Vera is a perfect example of that match.  Her full bonnet and silky soft handle as well as her dense fleece are qualities that you would expect from this genetic powerhouse .  Her sire, Accoyo America Shanghai was a blue ribbon winner and is a direct descent of Hemingway-Accoyo Nautaulis.  The dam, Spa Alpacas Allure maintained her AFD of 17.4 and passed that on to her offspring.  Shanghai is no longer available for breeding,  leaving an opportunity to add unique genetics to your herd.  Seeing Vera’s fineness and low amplitude crimp style, we expect that her histogram will surpass her sire and dam – proving that two greats can make a greater!

Selling Price: $5,170

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Golden Royale Zivah
ARI #: 
Brilliance Of Peru S855 AOA
Champions Royale

Check Out Golden Royale Zivah’s ARI EPD Trait Leader 2013 Results

Zivah is a product of our Royale and Brilliance match and we couldn’t be happier. Genetically she couldn’t have missed the mark with both Guellermo and Royal Fawn heritage that offers a wealth of positive traits. And a wealth it is – stature, conformation, fineness to name a few. Her 2012 histogram had a micron of 20.5 and SD 3.7. She was an EPD 2012 trait leader, ranked first for her SD of AFD. Recommended Breeding to Quencha’s Verticase (ARI 1278101).

Selling Price: $5,850

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