Grace Ann De Peru D1324
ARI #:
Alianza Peruvian Choco
Just A Peruvian Jewel D1001 AOA

From the outside you may look at this girl and think “oh they got the color wrong”, but once you open her fleece you can see all the grey highlights that make this girl a true gem! Her large bone and great presence make her stand out in any herd, including our own!


Gray Ledgend 7-10

Gray Ledgend S587 AOA
ARI #: 
8577’S Legacy De Bolivia 0684
Pamplona 9198 Impac98

Our son of two rose and silver gray parents has shown his ability to pass on his ultra desirable coloring, and his phenomenal high amplitude and soft handle. Legacy, Gray Ledgend’s sire produces silver gray, rose gray and black offspring and has passed those traits to his son. Gray Ledgend himself is a chip off the block with unusual characteristics for a gray including his uniform crimpy fiber, fineness and coverage from the tips of his ears to the tips of his toes that he consistently has passed on to his offspring.  Check out Gray Ledgend to add color to your pasture!



Kapu  Kapu