Matrix Braveheart of RAC
ARI #: 
Sire: Matrix

Braveheart’s name says it all. He’s stately with a heart of gold that seems impossible for such a macho. His heart goes out to his BFFs as they stay nose to nose in their pasture, protecting and playing with vim and vigor in alpacaworld.


DSC01339Golden Cloud in the Sky
ARI #: 
Sire: Quencha’s Verticase
Dam: Golden Touched with Sensation

Cloud – puffy, beautiful to watch, gives you a calm feeling. That’s our Golden Cloud in the Sky. And there’s more because his gentle personality matches his name – drifts along with the crowd without cause to question his spirit. We feel like he’s drifted in our pastures like the clouds in the sky.









Golden Charu of Zulu
ARI #: 32533767
Sire:  MacGyver’s Peruvian Zulu
Dam: Golden Charm

Charu is our Charm and Zulu offspring. We’re excited that Golden Charm produced a male because if he has his sire’s qualities he will be stellar ! He’ll be in the 2016 ring to prove he has what it takes. His sire, MacGyver’s Peruvian Zulu, has dense, independent locks that cover a perfect conformation and he carried away 5 Championship and 1 Reserve Championship ribbons. We see it in his offspring and you will too !

Page Master


Page Master
ARI #: 32364170
Sire: Eldora’s Peruvian Friscoe Gold
Dam: GVA Society Page

BRKRD Page Master is the best kid on the block – or without question the entire region. He is a seven time banner winner and has fleece stats to match. Page Master will prove the male you want for your light or colored suris. Without genetics in competition, he can be bred to the elite white suris to give the lock, density and fineness. His phenotype and head style will make any offspring stand out. Page Master’s skin biopsy at 2 yrs of age shows uniform fiber placement with a 4 of 4 gland structure and 19.8 micron.

Rough ‘N Ready

FPA Rough N Ready 2010300dpifix

Rough N Ready
ARI #: 
Sire: MFI Peruvian Blissful’s Knight
Dam: Patagonia’s Rojita



Golden Sato
ARI #: 
Fortune Five Hundred M0475 AOA
Golden Tabu F0588 AOA



Golden Belenus
ARI #:
Brilliance Of Peru S855 AOA
Touch Of Frost F0686 AOA



Golden Paladin
ARI #: 31069915
Sire: Legend’s Challenger Of Kpr
Dam: HK Annabelle



Brilliance of Peru S855 AOA
ARI #: 
Peruvian Ion S221 Aloa
Peruvian Gilda R0675

Check Out Brilliance’s ARI EPD Trait Leader 2013 Results

Brilliance “struts his stuff” and promises to pass his genetics to his offspring – including his perfect conformation and incredible fiber. His Grandsire Guellermo, and Sire Ion have each produced to the next level, and Brilliance is here for his command performance as a high end, light colored herdsire. His fiber AFD of 15.8, SD 4.0, CV 25.2% and only 1.2% over 30 microns are easily detected when you feel the fine, dense, uniform coverage that extends beyond the normal blanket size. Brillance will radiate when you select the female to breed to him !





Aga Khan

Aga Website_edited-1

The Aga Khan
ARI #: 
Spa Peruvian El Senor
Miss Pristina


Aga Khan! You will be “aga” over him when you let your fingers do the walking through that bright, dense, creamy-feeling fleece that covers him from head to toe. His presence is electrifying when you look across the pasture at that superb stance and confidence. Aga Khan is the dominating 11-time champion before being retired at the young age if 57 months. You can see his offspring in the ring and auctions reflecting what Khan does best – spreading the genetics of the famous Shere Khan, his great grandfather and likely the most recognized and famous herdsire in Accoyo Estancia. Being a 5-time Get-Of-Sire shows he is a repeat performer. The tremendous qualities of his offspring that place in the top of their classes is testimony to Khan’s known ability to pass on consistent conformation, density and coverage. All this from a gentleman who loves his ladies!

2014 Skin Biopsy shows Aga has traits that will be valuable for many females. Follicles are uniform shape, size and placement ! That is reflected in his density of 57.75, 23.8 micron and 4 of 4 gland structure – all good characteristics in a breeding male.