Golden Flash Dancer
ARI #: 
Brilliance Of Peru S855 AOA
Flash Of Fire D1298 AOA

Golden Flash Dancer (aka Flashy) hails from Brilliance of Peru and shares the positive genetic traits that are desirable. She has been one of the girls we couldn’t breed back on the Ranch until we found a male that would improve what she offers. Her micron is consistently low so we want to improve what we can in her density. Flashy has that quiet demeanor passed on by her dam and sire and the positive fleece characteristics that should continue to improve the next generation.

Skin Biopsy results: Very uniform placement of follicles, Density 43.25, 20.2 micron and 4 of 4 gland structure.

Recommended breeding to: Quencha’s Verticase (ARI 1278101)


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GLR Annalisa has a solid frame and Suri style that stands out when you see her. Annalisa has 4 First Place and one Reserve ribbon from her show career. With that presence you can see why. She shears 5 pounds of fiber each year. Annalisa gave us a beautiful 2015 cria and can do that again for you !


GLR Annalisa
ARI #: 
Sire: Sierra Bonita’s Macgyver’s Synergy
Dam: GLR Amelita



FH1053 Final Design De Peru D1367
ARI #: 30944480
Sire: Alianza Peruvian Choco
Dam: 4peruvian Eurynome 6564

Here is a girl who has already proven her worth with her very first cria. And her next and next! Final Design De Peru (aka Desi as we affectionately call her)  had her very first cria sold –  next cria sold – gone. And that just keeps happening !  She is a great mom and producer.  Desi’s sire, Alianza Peruvian Choco is a dark rose gray herd sire whose genetics are extremely rare across the United States. His unique coloring and the fact that the only alpacas he is related to in the country are his offspring and his dam’s offspring make breeding’s to him extremely desired by the astute buyer! She is a big, strong girl with and correct conformation. She has proven that she has the genetic make up to produce superior quality offspring that are nice enough to be accepted into auctions. Desi’s produces… and her cria are the ones we can get excited about !

Selling Price: $4,775

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