Board Alpaca

Why board?

There may be a number of reasons you may board your alpaca. Let’s consider the main reasons.

  • You don’t have enough land for your own herd.
  • You may want to ease into the alpaca business, rather than dive in quickly.
  • You may want to spend some time with us and your alpaca to learn how we ranch.


Buy and board – we match an animal’s uniqueness with yours.

One of our core values is to pay close attention to the individuality and uniqueness of every alpaca that lives at our ranch. And not only are we committed to the animal, we are also committed to you. We like to pass on our knowledge and expertise in raising these animals so that you become better equipped as an owner and potential future business owner.

Join our family – your alpaca can make Golden Spirit its home.

We focus in on the attention to details with each and every animal. The alpaca who board with us receive the exact same quality and standard of care as those we own. This includes routine herd health, high quality feed and attention to medical needs. Their living quarters are among the best in the region with plenty of room to exercise in the lush, green pastures. When you leave your alpaca with Golden Spirit, he/she joins our family.


Our Boarding Benefits
  • Daily observation
  • Weights at least monthly
  • Routine fecals at least every 6 weeks
  • Shearing at least once and possibly twice a year
  • Halter training and handling
  • Help with show preparation
  • Benefit of expert veterinarian consult if needed
  • Prenatal, Birthing and Post Partum care
  • Benefit of excellent hay and feed resources with the a pulse constantly on the best feed and hay nutrition
  • Shelter spaces designed with consideration for the climate and specifically for alpaca needs and optimal herd management
  • Plenty of space to graze and places for cria to play with grass year round
  • Over 25 years of animal care and handling experience
  • Pasture management practices are tailored to enhance health, nutrition and fleece quality
Contact us today if you would like to board with Golden Spirit. We welcome your questions and will be happy to help you along your journey with alpaca.

board alpaca